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Welcome to the special education support site for Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) students and families. We have developed this page to support students with special education needs (SENs) by providing information and answers to common questions, as well as a way to reach out to us to receive support.


Frequently asked questions

My child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP). How will that be impacted by remote learning?

The SCDSB understands that some students’ IEPs may need to be adjusted if they are participating in remote learning. The best place to start is with your child’s classroom teacher and/or special education resource teacher (SERT) to determine what changes need to be made to their IEP to best support them while at home.

My child requires the use of sensory equipment and sensory breaks while at school. Will those supports continue this year?

Students prescribed sensory equipment and/or sensory breaks as part of their IEP will continue to access those supports at school, although equipment will be restricted to those students for whom it has been prescribed.

My child has SEA equipment (e.g. laptop computer to support their reading) that we used last year. If we choose to have our child participate in remote learning, will they be able to take it home again?

Families may request their child’s SEA equipment be sent home for use. Families should contact their child’s school and arrange to pick up the equipment.

My child is currently in a special education class. Will they lose that placement if they participate in remote learning?

Students who are IPRCd into a special education class will remain attached to that class while participating in remote learning and return to that class when they return to school.

My child receives special education support while at school. How will that happen this year?

Special education supports will continue to be provided regardless of whether a student is physically at school or at home. If they are at home, those supports (e.g. educational assistant support, direct instruction from a SERT) would be provided virtually as part of their regular instructional day.   

We have had a psycho-educational assessment completed recently and are planning on having an IPRC. Can that happen remotely?

Last year, the SCDSB began completing IPRCs virtually using Google Classroom. This application provides a secure and confidential platform where parents/guardians and educators can meet virtually to review strengths and needs and decide on an appropriate educational placement.  

We like to be involved in the planning and decision making for our child with regards to their special education supports at school, including the development of their IEP. How will that happen?

Schools can communicate with parents/guardians in a wide variety of ways (including virtually) to ensure parents/guardians continue to be involved in decisions regarding their child’s IEP development. Parents’/guardians’ first point of contact is always through their child’s classroom teacher or SERT.

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