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The Simcoe County District School Board is an equal opportunity employer.

Our Human Resources Department uses Apply to Education (ATE) to recruit for all teaching and support staff vacancies. With this system, applicants submit their applications and supporting documentation online through the ATE website: www.applytoeducation.comApplication packages will not be accepted in hard copy, by e-mail or by fax for staff positions.

For frequently asked questions about getting a job with the SCDSB, please visit our FAQ page. To subscribe to receive career alerts by email, click on the 'Subscribe' button on the top right of this page.

If you are a teacher from another country or a teacher who has received teacher training in another country, visit for more information on how to become eligible to teach in this province.

People with disabilities should have the same kind of opportunities as everyone else. The Simcoe County District School Board takes pride in our fair hiring practices and is committed to providing accessibility to individuals with disabilities consistent with the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity. Assessment and selection materials and procedures, including application forms, test materials and interviews are available in accessible formats and methods upon request.

Use the filter below to see just one category of jobs (Teaching, Support Staff, etc.)


Job NumberJob TitleLocationJob CategoryEligibilityClosing Date
1688144Secondary LTO Position Innisdale S.S.TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
1688156Secondary LTO PositionSASS, South Barrie CampusTeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
1688205Secondary LTO PositionNottawasaga Pines S.S. TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
PostingSecondary LTO Position Collingwood C.I.TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
1688391Secondary LTO PositionNantyr Shores S.S. TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
PostingSecondary LTO PositionsOrillia S.S. TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
1688413Secondary LTO PositionBarrie Learning Centre TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
1690207Secondary LTO PositionNantyr Shores S.S. TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
1690221Secondary LTO PositionNantyr Shores S.S.TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
1690356Elementary LTO PositionMountain View P.S.TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
1690415Secondary LTO PositionGeorgian Bay District S.S. TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
1690446Secondary LTO PositionGeorgian Bay District S.S.TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
1690656Secondary LTO PositionBarrie North C.I.TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
1690665Secondary LTO PositionBarrie North C.I.TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
1691402Elementary LTO PositionTrillium Woods E.S.TeachingExternalJan 23, 2017
Posting Chief CustodianMultipleSupport StaffInternalJan 24, 2017
PostingCustodial Vacancies MultipleSupport StaffExternalJan 24, 2017
1693891Secondary LTO PositionBear Creek S.S. TeachingExternalJan 24, 2017
1694150Secondary LTO PositionGeorgian Bay District S.S. TeachingExternalJan 24, 2017
1694793Elementary LTO PositionAndrew Hunter P.S.TeachingExternalJan 24, 2017
1704032Elementary Internal Contract PositionBayview P.S.TeachingInternalJan 24, 2017
1677846Junior Project Co-ordinator Education Centre Support StaffInternalJan 25, 2017
1692025Chief Custodian Tecumseth Beeton E.S. Support StaffInternalJan 25, 2017
PostingSecondary LTO PositionsTwin Lakes S.S. TeachingExternalJan 25, 2017
1695236Secondary LTO PositionBarrie North C.I.TeachingExternalJan 25, 2017
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