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South Barrie Secondary School

The south Barrie secondary school project was initially proposed in the SCDSB’s 2010 Capital Plan. In January 2013, the SCDSB received funding from the Ministry of Education for this new secondary school.  

The site for the school is located within the Hewitt’s secondary plan, and is part of land that was annexed from Innisfil by the City of Barrie.   

South Barrie secondary school planning process  

The planning process for the south Barrie secondary school officially began in 2013, when the SCDSB received funding from the Ministry of Education. Following is a timeline of events.  

  • 2013 - 2014
    • Planning work and negotiations take place between SCDSB and City of Barrie staff, including discussions regarding location, orientation and size of the school.
  • October 2014
    • The SCDSB begins process of expropriating the school site in response to changing demands from local developers about the timing, location and size of the proposed school property.   
  • March 2015
    • The SCDSB formally acquires ownership of property. 
    • SCDSB staff meet with City of Barrie staff for initial site plan pre-consultation meeting. 
  • June 2015
    • SCDSB staff meet with City staff for follow-up meeting.  
    • Complete site plan is submitted to the City of Barrie.  
    • SCDSB staff present at the City of Barrie’s Infrastructure, Investment and Development Services Committee in an attempt to move the site plan process along.
  • July - August 2015
    • Additional meetings between SCDSB and City staff are held in an attempt to resolve issues related to the proposed design. An agreement cannot be reached agreement on the location of the school building on the site. The City of Barrie feels that locating the school on the south end of the property does not comply with its Urban Design Guidelines, and would prefer it to be on the northeast corner of the property at the corner of Mapleview Drive and Prince William Way. 
  • September 2015
    • City staff present a report to council, recommending that that the SCDSB site plan be denied, citing the need for the school building to be located on the corner. The report also includes an alternate recommendation, based on the original site plan submission, that SCDSB and city staff would work together to develop.  
    • Council defers the vote on the site plan until meetings between SCDSB and city staff regarding a compromise solution could take place  
  • September – October 2015
    • Multiple meetings take place between SCDSB and City staff. SCDSB staff propose a compromise that includes an educational facility on the corner of Mapleview Drive and Prince William Way, with the school building on the south end of the property as originally submitted.  
  • October 2015
    • Barrie city council denies the SCDSB’s request for site plan approval and do not formally consider the compromise solution.  
  • January 2016
    • SCDSB trustees receive a report that outlines potential next steps and options to move forward. The Board passes a motion directing staff to submit the revised site plan package to the City of Barrie. The motion also asks staff to continue work on the other options in case the City denies the new site plan.  
  • March 2016
    • A new site plan is expected to be submitted to the City of Barrie. The hope is this revised site plan will satisfy the City’s requests and the approval will take place as quickly as possible.
  • April 2016
    • Staff presented a report to the Business and Facilities Committee on April 6. This report included a presentation from The Planning Partnership. The Planning Partnership was hired to assist with the development of a revised site plan package. 
    • The Planning Partnership's Urban Design Brief was included in the revised site plan package, which was submitted to the City of Barrie on April 8.
  • May 2016
    • The SCDSB submitted an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) regarding the site plan for the school. The appeal includes the most recent site plan, which was sent to the City of Barrie on April 8.
  • June 2016
    • Barrie City Council approved the site plan for the south Barrie secondary school. SCDSB staff began work with city staff to determine next steps to begin construction on the new school.
    • The SCDSB sent a letter to parents of students at Hyde Park Public School, Hewitt's Creek Public School, Algonquin Ridge Public School and Innisdale Secondary School (Grade 9 to 11 parents) summarizing next steps.
  • December 2016
    • SCDSB staff and consultants submitted building permits to city staff for final approval. The submission included a video rendering of the exterior of the school. The rendering was shared with trustees at their meeting on December 21. The site plan agreement will be submitted in January 2017. Once final approval on the permits and site plan agreement are received, the SCDSB will proceed with the tender process.  
  • November 2017
    • The SCDSB awarded the tender for the construction of the school to Pre-Eng Contracting Ltd after a competitive bid process was completed.