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Simcoe Alternative Secondary School

​​The Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) offers alternative secondary school programs in 10 satellite locations of the Simcoe Alternative Secondary School throughout Simcoe County. The school is designed for students who have difficulty coping with a large school setting and who may benefit from small class sizes, one-on-one assistance, flexibility and close relationships with the teachers.

Students will receive help developing an Educational Pathway Plan, which may include a transition plan to:

  • High school or Adult Learning Centre for completion for their OSSD
  • The workplace
  • Apprenticeship
  • College


Is Alternative high school right for you?

How can I attend Simcoe Alternative Secondary School?

Students may either self-refer or be referred by the guidance department, Student Success teams, school administrators or outside agencies.

Students will receive a personal interview to determine if the Simcoe Alternative Secondary School is the best choice to meet his/her needs. All students will be given support in continuing their educational journey, whether or not the student is accepted into the school.

What to expect once enrolled 

Upon admission into the Simcoe Alternative Secondary School, students will build an individualized learner profile to help develop educational and career life paths. Course work may be a combination of regular classes, independent courses, dual credits, eLearning and credit recovery.

Staff and students work together to build a community culture where everyone is accepted and encouraged to set goals, develop plans and make progress towards graduation. Every location provides students the opportunity to learn in a safe, non-threatening setting. Smaller class sizes create an atmosphere of personalized learning and individualized or small group instruction. 

Students have access to a social worker, special education teacher and guidance counsellor to receive support for any social or emotional issues. They are also available to provide advice on achieving educational, career and life planning goals.

Guiding principles of Alternative Education  

It is the student’s choice to attend Simcoe Alternative Secondary School. The school provides an opportunity for students to develop an appreciation of their own strengths and capacity to learn and grow, and emphasizes the importance of essential skills and work habits.

Simcoe Alternative Secondary School is focused on individualized, differentiated instruction to support the achievement and well-being all students. Each campus has developed close and supportive partnerships with community organizations to support student growth and development.

Expectations are set high, and students are well-supported as they strive to reach personal and academic goals.

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