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Glossary of Common Acronyms   


AAC​ ​Accessibility Advisory Committee
​ABA ​Applied Behaviour Analysis
ABC​ Antecedent Behaviour Consequence (type of behaviour tracking)
ADHD​ ​Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
​AEL ​Activate Early Learning
AODA​ ​Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
​ASD ​Autism Spectrum Disorder
ASL​ ​American Sign Language
​AT ​Assistive Technology
BMS ​Behaviour Management System Training
​CAPS ​Comprehensive Autism Planning System (one aspect of Ziggurat process)
​CASI ​Comprehension Attitudes Strategies Interests
​CCACs ​Community Care Access Centres
CDA​ ​Communication Disorder Assistant
​CNIB ​Canadian National Institute for the Blind
​CST ​Computer Software Technician
​CTN ​Children’s Treatment Network
​CYW ​Child and Youth Worker
​DD ​Developmental Disability
​DECE ​Designated Early Childhood Educator
DI​ ​Differentiated Instruction
​DS ​Developmental Skills
​DSM ​Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (of Mental Disorders)
​DSO ​Developmental Services Ontario
EA​ ​Educational Assistant
​FASD ​Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
​ FBA ​Functional Behaviour Analysis
​FRI ​Fluid Reasoning Index
​FSIQ ​Full Scale Intelligence Quotient
GAI​ ​General Ability Index
​HRT ​Hearing Resource Teacher
​IBI ​Intensive Behavioural Intervention
IEP​ ​Individual Education Plan
IPRC​ ​Identification, Placement and Review Committee
​IRT ​Itinerant Resource Teacher in Special Education
ISSI ​ ​Individual Strengths and Skills Inventory (one aspect of Ziggurat process)
K-TEA​ ​Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement
​LC ​Learning Centre
​LD ​Learning Disability
​MCYS ​Ministry of Children and Youth Services
​MOE ​Ministry of Education
​MI ​Multiple Intelligences
MID​ ​Mild Intellectual Disability
​MOH ​Ministry of Health, Medical Officer of Health
​O & M ​Orientation and Mobility (Blind and Low Vision)
​ODA ​Ontarians with Disabilities Act
​Ontario Education Number
OHRC​ ​Ontario Human Rights Commission
​OLSAT ​Otis Lennon School Ability Test
​OSR ​Ontario Student Record
​OT Occupational Therapist
​PHIPPA ​Personal Health Information Protection and Promotion Act
PRI ​ ​Perceptual Reasoning Index
PT​ ​Physiotherapist
​Regular Classroom Teacher
SEA​ ​Special Equipment Amount
​SEAC ​Special Education Advisory Committee
​SEN ​Special Education Needs
​SERT ​Special Education Resource Teacher
SIP​ ​Special Incidence Portion
​SMART ​Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic/Relevant Time Sensitive
SNC ​ ​Strengths and Needs Committee
​UCC ​Underlying Characteristics Checklist (one aspect of Ziggurat process)
​UDL ​Universal Design for Learning
​VCI ​Verbal Comprehension Index
​WISC ​Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children