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About eLearning Students Parents Courses FAQs

Accessing the course 

To enter your virtual classroom, visit and log in to a software program called Desire2Learn. Desire2Learn (D2L) contains all of your lessons, assignments and evaluations as well as the tools you will use to interact with your classmates and your teacher.


Students taking online courses must log in to their courses during the first week of the semester to complete a mandatory online orientation before beginning the course. During orientation you'll receive training on how your virtual classroom functions. You’ll also receive information on how to use online support, submit assignments, participate in class discussions and how to contact your teacher. Review the Student Information Handbook for more information.

Online technical support 

Your first line of support is your teacher. As well as having expertise in the subject matter, they are also able to guide you through minor difficulties with the online learning environment.

If any technical issues arise that the teacher can’t solve, the SCDSB’s eLearning Coordinators can be reached at


Regular attendance is extremely important to staying engaged with your course, classmates and teacher.  The attendance expectations for online courses are similar to traditional in-school courses.

Attendance is tracked when you log in during the week. The expectation is that you will log in to your courses daily with a minimum of once per week. As well, some progress in the course must be completed each week.

Tips for Success 

Students who are successful in an online course are usually:

  • Self-motivated, self-directed and self-disciplined
  • Able to use a computer with internet access
  • Comfortable with technology (i.e. email, attachments, internet research, word processing)
  • Able to organize a study schedule each week, and set goals and deadlines
  • Expected to spend the same amount of time on eLearning courses as they would spend on regular classroom courses
  • Willing to participate in the learning process whether they are working alone or in a group
  • Able to communicate through writing