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Office 365: Legal Links and Terms of Use

Google Classroom – Policies/Privacy and Terms of Use

The difference between GAFE and Google public sites




Innovation and Technology: Questions & Answers
Is Google Apps for Education (GAFE) a safe and secure place for student information and work?
Yes. Google uses highly advanced security measures such as encryption and virus scanning to protect data from inappropriate access. These security measures have been audited and certified to meet industry standards. More information about GAFE can be found at the Google trust centre:
GAFE is different from Google's free public resources and tools. Data is managed in accordance with the terms of the Data Processing Amendment, which ensures that data use meets the privacy and security requirements of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
GAFE data is stored on a virtual server administered by board staff and cannot be accessed by third parties. The board and/or student retain ownership of their data. Google does not share it with others, except as required by law in accordance with their privacy policy. Data is not scanned for advertising purposes and ads are turned off. Data may be scanned for security and protection purposes such as spam filtering, anti-virus protection or malware detection or to make apps work better for users. More information about privacy and security can be found at: and
Do SCDSB student email addresses work with Google, or do students need to make a gmail account?
No gmail account is required. All students have Google apps for education (GAFE) accounts that use their SCDSB email address.
At what grade does a student get an email address and are they secure?
An email address is created for each student in Kindergarten, although many don’t use it until later. Student email accounts are hosted on Microsoft Office365 (O365), which offers data protection as outlined in SCDSB’s agreement with Microsoft, similar to the one described with Google above.
Is it necessary for a student to have an account in order to use the Google apps teachers are using?