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New Pedagogies for Deep Learning   

Education is at a major turning point with digital tools permeating teaching and learning. We need to enable students to flourish, and to be prepared for using learning to take action for positive change.
New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) is an international innovation partnership involving students, teachers, school leaders, families and education communities working together to address a key education challenge: how to design teaching and learning that leads to more successful lives for all students. There is a need to rethink pedagogical approaches and learning goals so to enable all students to flourish and be prepared to use learning as a way to take positive action in their own lives, the lives of their families and communities.

The world is becoming more complex with the need for all students to be equipped with skills that enable them to be creative problem solvers who can collaborate effectively with and across teams, and who can pursue leadership for action. Digital tools are changing the roles of teachers from instructors to mentors/activators. Educators' work increasingly focuses on designing learning experiences that are mapped to students’ learning strengths and needs, that create new knowledgefull of real-life relevant problem solving and that help students identify their talents and find purpose and passion in what they do.
NPDL aims to implement deep learning goals across whole education systems, that are enabled by new pedagogies and accelerated by technology. This is not an initiative to be implemented - this is a live learning lab where we will create these new pedagogies together.
Check out the video from Stayner Collegiate Institute's 'Innovation and Creation' Day.

Our focus is on students developing Deep Learning competencies – Character, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

Schools involved in NPDL:

Alliston Union
Ardagh Bluffs
Forest Hill
Fred C. Cook
Hewitt’s Creek
Mountain View
Orchard Park
Trillium Woods
West Bayfield
WR Best

Nantyr Shores
Stayner Collegiate Institute

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