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Eco Schools
Ontario EcoSchools is an environmental education program that addresses both how the schools are run and what students learn. It has been designed collaboratively by school boards for school boards to incorporate environmental education as well as environmentally responsible action into the school setting. Student success—in both academics and positive contributions to society—is the focus of Ontario EcoSchools. The program aims to influence young people during a formative period of life, and affect an exponential impact as children take a culture of conservation home with them.
The SCDSB has seen steady growth in the number of schools certifying as an Ontario EcoSchool. The program is open to all schools in the SCDSB. For more information on how your school can become a certified Ontario EcoSchool check out these resources or contact the Environmental Services Coordinator.

 Below is a list of the schools that have been certified and their standings.
2008-09​ 2009-10​ 2010-11​ 2011-12​ ​2013-14
Admiral Collingwood ES​ Bronze​
Bradford District HS​ Bronze​
Connaught PS​ Silver​
Cookstown Central PS Silver
Ferndale Woods ES​ Silver​
Forest Hill PS Bronze
Hillsdale ES​ Gold​ Gold​ Gold​ Gold
Huronia Centennial ES​ Silver​ Silver
Innisfil Central PS Silver
Lions Oval PS​ Gold​ Gold
Maple Grove PS​ Silver​ Silver​
Mundy's Bay ES​ Gold​
Nantyr Shores SS​ Silver​ Silver​ Silver
Nottawa ES​ Silver Silver
Rama Central PS​ Silver
Sir William Osler PS​ Silver​ Bronze​ Gold
Terry Fox ES​ Gold​ Gold​ Gold​ Gold​ Platinum
Tottenham PS​ Silver
Twin Lakes SS Silver
​Victoria Harbour Bronze
Warnica PS​ Silver​
Waubaushene ES​ Bronze​
Wyevale PS​ Gold​ Gold​ Gold